School Clusters

Schools that work in collaboration are shown to have a broader curriculum perspective, a more informed, empowered staff and a recognition of the part that they play in the wider local community. The Brent School Clusters provide schools with opportunities to network with a variety of schools within their local area. This enables information, expertise and various academic opportunities to be shared among members.

Cluster schools have the opportunity to meet on a regular basis, often half-termly, as well as to organise various training and developmental meetings that address the Cluster’s specific needs. As regular meetings also fosters trust and a willingness to share expertise, schools often work with other Cluster members to help moderate levels of teaching and learning as well as work together to bench-mark each others’ standards.

If your school is not in a Cluster, you can contact a member of the BSP Team and they will provide you with advice and contact details.

The Stonebridge School Harlesden
Brentfield Primary School Harlesden
Furness Primary School Harlesden
Harlesden Primary School Harlesden
Leopold Primary School Harlesden
Mitchell Brook Primary School Harlesden
Newfield Primary School Harlesden
Our Lady of Lourdes Primary School Harlesden
St Joseph's Primary School Harlesden
St Mary's C of E Primary School Harlesden
Curzon Crescent Childrens Centre Harlesden
Fawood Children's Centre Harlesden
Phoenix Arch School Harlesden
Convent of Jesus & Mary Harlesden
Newman Catholic College Harlesden
Carlton Vale Infant School Kilburn
Kilburn Park Junior School Kilburn
Malorees Infant School Kilburn
Mora Primary School Kilburn
Salusbury Primary School Kilburn
College Green Nursery School Kilburn
Islamia Primary School Kilburn
Granville Plus Nursery School Kilburn
Fryent Primary School Kingsbury
Kingsbury Green Primary School Kingsbury
Oliver Goldsmith Primary School Kingsbury
Roe Green Infant School Kingsbury
Roe Green Junior School Kingsbury
St Robert Southwell Primary School Kingsbury
The Village School Kingsbury
Kingsbury High School Kingsbury
Barham Primary School Wembley
Byron Court Primary School Wembley
Chalkhill Primary School Wembley
Elsley Primary School Wembley
Lyon Park Infant School Wembley
Oakington Manor Primary School Wembley
Preston Park Primary School Wembley
Sudbury Primary School Wembley
Wembley Primary School Wembley
Ark Academy Wembley
Alperton Community School Wembley
Copland Community School Wembley
Preston Manor School Wembley
Wembley High Technology College Wembley
Avigdor Hirsch Tora Temimah Primary School Willesden
Braintcroft Primary School Willesden
Convent of Jesus & Mary Willesden
Donnington Primary School Willesden
Gladstone Park Primary School Willesden
Northview Primary School Willesden
Our Lady Of Grace Infant School Willesden
Our Lady Of Grace Junior School Willesden
St Andrew & St Francis C of E Primary School Willesden
St Margaret Clitherow Primary School Willesden
St Mary Magdalen’s Primary School Willesden
Wykeham Primary School Willesden
Woodfield School Willesden
Newman Catholic College Willesden