About Us

Partners for Excellence was originally established by Brent schools.  Partners for Excellence is a creative and dynamic initiative which is aimed at supporting schools to improve on their previous best, and to achieve the best possible outcomes for all their pupils. The Partnership has operated successfully for the past three years. 

The Partnership is a not-for-profit organisation; it is led by schools for schools. A Management Board, consisting of headteachers and a governor representative, is now well established. It is providing strong strategic leadership to ensure that our ambitious targets set for the Partnership are achieved. 

The Partnership has grown significantly during the past three years and all member schools can be proud that they are part of such a unique Partnership. We are charged by our members to represent them and provide services tailored to their needs. Headteachers and Governors are fully aware of the range of high quality support and challenge provided by the Partnership to secure continuous improvements in schools. 

We are increasingly providing school improvement support to schools beyond Brent, and welcome interest from individual schools and groups of schools to access our services. 

Rigorous Quality Assurance processes are in place to ensure that all support is delivered by high calibre and very experienced professionals. Provision offered is sufficiently broad and flexible to respond to, and meet individual school needs. In addition to member entitlement schools can draw in a range of other services and bespoke programmes of support. 

Our School Improvement Specialists have been carefully recruited to ensure that they have the right level of expertise and experience to provide both challenge and support to schools to improve on their previous best. Individually, our Specialists have specific areas of expertise for example, SEND, EYFS, assessment, governance and leadership development. 

As a not-for-profit organisation, cost effectiveness and organisational efficiency are paramount. Therefore, we ensure that schools receive high quality services providing best value for money. Any surpluses generated are reinvested into strengthening and extending the range of services for member schools. 

To strengthen further our Governance arrangement we have engaged with a well-respected educational legal firm to secure long term sustainability and robustness of the organisation as a not-for-profit company, limited by guarantee. The Partnership offer reflects planned changes to our limited company structure. 

The Partnerships Track Record

Almost all schools in Brent are members of the Partnership and an increasing number of schools beyond Brent draw in support and access our services. The feedback on the work of the Partnership has been overwhelmingly positive. Schools have particularly valued the following: 

  • the quality of the support and challenge provided by the School Improvement Specialists 
  • the range of expertise on offer from the Specialists for example in EYFS, SEND, assessment, Leadership Development and school governance 
  • conferences delivered by regional and national experts as well as local schools 
  • an inspiring and motivating Black Caribbean Achievement Initiative
  • a very successful Leadership Development Programme 
  • access to an extensive range of CPD provision which includes a focus on specific areas such as, English, Maths and Science, Assessment, SEND, EYFS and Safeguarding. 
  • termly Subject/Aspect Leaders updates and briefings covering most subjects of the curriculum 
  • additional services for example GDPR, Headteacher and Senior Leader Recruitment package and the Achieving Excellence in the Quality of Education

What Schools say about the work of the Partnership 

“It was definitely time well spent and as such a very good investment in professional development as well as school improvement”- Primary Head teacher 

“Head teachers’ termly meetings- excellent content and guest speakers”- Delegate 

“We are securing the economic wellbeing of ALL Brent children by working in this way and the BSP is leading the way where others will follow”- Primary Head teacher 

“Outstanding objective external reviews of the work we have carried out”- Secondary Head teacher 

“Amazing support as a New Head teacher”- New Head teacher 

“I have enjoyed the HT seminars/conferences and some speakers such as Sir John Dunford, Anita Devi and David Groves”- Primary Head teacher 

“Outstanding School Improvement Specialists and PP reviews”- Special School Head teacher “I don’t know what I’d do without you – your support, and the support of BSP is invaluable. Thank you so much”- Secondary Head teacher