Coronavirus (COVID-19) – update, advice and guidance for schools, parents and carers

Are schools and settings in Brent open?

On 18 March 2020, the government advised partial closure of all schools and settings from Monday 23 March and the cancellation of all exams.

The government has, however, asked that schools, colleges, nurseries, childminders and other registered childcare settings remain open for children of critical workers and vulnerable children where they can.

See the guidance on the closure of educational settings which sets out what this means, who is counted as a critical worker and who is classed as vulnerable. It also provides information about free school meals.

Addressing all schools In Brent

These are challenging and worrying times for everyone and the Coronavirus is impacting on all aspects of our lives. Amongst other statutory services, schools are having to radically change how they work, and continue to make educational provision for children and young people. Head teachers have a mammoth task ahead of them, during this difficult period. Schools are also having to respond speedily to the developing advice from the Government.

The BSP are aware that many schools had already commenced on developing their strategy for enabling pupils to access learning remotely, but ensuring this across the system will require a great deal of work from school staff and leaders.

We would like to say a huge thank you to our schools, teachers and support staff who are continuing to educate and support pupils across our schools during these challenging times.

The BSP is taking forward for the remainder of this academic year:

All CPD sessions and Conferences are being postponed until the next academic year. Even if pupils are able to return to schools during the summer term, there will be much to be managed, and attendance at centrally held CPD sessions is unlikely to be a priority for schools.

The BSP is taking forward all CPD sessions and Conferences via Zoom. If you would like to learn more about this, please get in touch.

School Governance – life under lockdown