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BSP Support for Schools the Summer Term

1 – Advice and Guidance for Headteachers and Governors during lockdown period and phased return

The BSP has commenced drawing together guidance for schools in a number of areas, which includes –  SEND, meeting the needs of the most vulnerable, a catch-up curriculum, and NQT induction and support. Our guidance takes into account the statutory requirements for each area as well as the most recent advice and direction from the DFE.

2 – Series of Webinars providing training/guidance on important areas that school leaders need to manage during closure and phased return

Further Webinars/Training are planned and school will be sent information about these.

3 – SIS Virtual Contact with Headteachers and senior leaders focussed on educational provision and well being
The BSP has developed, and piloted with a number of schools in Brent, a Framework to enable schools to engage in a “Virtual Contact” meeting with the attached School Improvement Specialist of BSP member schools, or a temporarily allocated SIS to schools which are not members of the BSP. This meeting would allow a discussion between the SIS and the Headteacher/key leaders, providing an external perspective and support to the school on its management of educational provision during the lockdown, and its preparation for return to schools being fully operational.
Your SIS will contact you to offer you the Virtual Contact meeting during this term and send you the Framework for the meeting. As always, you will receive a follow up report after the virtual meeting, which you may wish to share with your GB.

This provision is intended to be supportive and give confidence to schools in their management of the complexities they face.It is for individual schools to decide whether such an opportunity would be helpful in  the context of the school’s needs and priorities. Schools engaging in the pilots have found the process very helpful and supportive.

Raising the achievement of Black Caribbean Boys in Brent Schools (2019-20)

The BSP is working hard to support all schools in Brent. It is really important that we work together during these difficult times to ensure that schools have an appropriate range of information and guidance, so that they can focus on the complexities of ensuring educational provision for all their pupils during the lockdown period.

We would like to draw to your attention an important Newsletter which can be found below. The BSP have created a monthly newsletter as we want to ensure that we support every BCA Champion in every way possible.

BCA Champion Newsletter- Issue 1

BCA Network Training Session

The BSP will be moving all BCA Network Training Sessions via Zoom. All BCA Champions and Headteachers will be invited to these sessions to receive regular updates and other key issues. This is also a great opportunity for Champions to ask questions and network with other colleagues. The BCA Network Training Sessions are being facilitated by Orlene Badu – BSP Schools Improvement Specialist.

Raising the achievement of Black Caribbean Boys in Brent Schools (2018-2019 updates)

  • 75 schools in Brent have appointed a BCA Champion
  • 6 fully day BCA Campion training programme completed and have been very well received. 6 sessions held (335 places taken up)
  • 12 Staff and Governors training sessions have been completed on raising the achievement of BCRB ( 360 places taken up)
  • BCA Audit Framework is in place, shared with BCA Champions. SIS led audits have been completed and sent to the Headteacher.
  • Allocation of coaches for BCA Champions have been finalised.
  • Data collection on BC attainment and progress have been completed.