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Leadership & Management Seminars

At Partners for Excellence we offer a range of training opportunities specifically for senior school leaders, teachers, support staff and governors. We pride ourselves in offering a wide range of training opportunities that are appropriate, topical, varied, value for money and, most importantly, aimed at raising the quality of teaching and learning in schools. We are dedicated to providing this service throughout the London Borough of Brent and beyond.


The provision is based on an analysis of needs in schools and the emerging national policies affecting schools. Our team of experienced trainers ensure that delivery of all our training opportunities is constantly up to date with all the various changes in the educational landscape. A range of opportunities is on offer, many of which are delivered by professionals working within the Partnership. Many opportunities are available for schools to learn from each other. All CPD programmes are quality assured and evaluated.

BSP Partnership Agreement Brochure 2324_edited.jpg
BSP Partnership Agreement Brochure 2324_edited.jpg

Headteacher Termly Seminars

Online Class

Termly Deputy Headteacher Seminars


Termly Assistant Headteacher Seminars

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