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Peer Review Programme

This programme is for Headteachers only and shaped by the Headteachers.


Our Peer Review Programme includes a full day of training and networking on the agreed Peer Review Process. Each Headteacher joins a triad of schools and hosts a Peer Review at their home school led by the BSP SIS allocated to the triad. Headteachers are then able to take part in two full-days of external Peer Reviews.


During the home school’s review, the host school can involve some or all of its own leadership. The host school would devise the shadowing programme and how or to what extent the Leadership is involved. Experience demonstrates that this is the best way to get the most out of the programme. Headteachers have feedback that the experience of the Peer Review Programme has been the best Professional Development they could provide their schools. They have also valued the close relationships they have built through the triads and the continued relationships are really strong. It has led to good networking and sharing of practice. In order to take part, you must specifically express an interest to be part of this programme on your membership agreement form.


This is not a Core Package of the BSP and can be bought as a non- member or at a discounted rate as a member. Please see price list on pages 15-18 for more details.


Please Note: If your school has bought into Core Package A they are able to exchange one of their SIS days to take part in this programme free of charge.

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