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Bespoke Support

Introducing our brand new mapping provision tailored specifically to leadership development, designed to foster enhanced collaboration and support among schools. Our innovative programme aims to create a seamless network, connecting educational leaders across various schools to facilitate knowledge sharing, resource distribution, and collaborative problem-solving. Through our mapping system, schools have access to a comprehensive directory of leadership expertise, enabling them to identify and engage with like-minded professionals who share a passion for educational excellence. This initiative will enhance the way schools interact ensuring that leadership support is readily available and empowering educators to navigate challenges together, ultimately leading to greater student success.


Some include:
Please click to view the dates and times for the bespoke support

  • New headteachers' induction programme

  • New headteachers' coaching group

  • Deputy head coaching group

  • SENCO Coaching Group

  • Individual mentoring

  • Individual coaching

  • Leadership shadowing

  • Speciality leadership workshops

  • Immersive training experience

  • Innovative interventions for disadvantaged students

  • Emotional regulation in EYFS

  • Speciality training at discounted cost (eg. OLEVI qualifications, SEND specialist training, etc)

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