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Partnership Offer

Brent Schools Partnership (BSP) is well established as a schools’ led organisation with the express intention of working collaboratively to improve educational provision for all those children and young people who attend Brent schools. By schools, for schools, with schools. The BSP is outward looking and enjoys working with like-minded partners and agencies for the greater good of the communities we serve.

The BSP has a range of services on offer, which include access to expert educational consultants, our school improvement specialists, who can provide bespoke school improvement, consultation and support to our individual school members, as well as, facilitating up-to-date briefings, network meetings and Continued Professional Development that underpin the five pillars of professional development.

Our member schools share best practice and lead in specific areas. School-to-school support and peer moderation and working is an area the BSP would like to advance. This is based on feedback from a recent survey of schools. The aim is for schools to set the agenda and for our school improvement specialists to facilitate the work. One area the BSP Board would like to consult all Brent schools on is research and development opportunities and collaborative evidence-based practice.

The BSP has additional services available to its core offer, which include a highly rated GDPR service and governance reviews. Further additional and bespoke services can be facilitated through the BSP and the school improvement specialists.

The success of the BSP has been due to the continued commitment of Brent schools in signing up to the BSP membership. On an annual basis we will continue to review the provision with school leaders and the BSP Board to ensure that we meet the needs of our leaders and the diverse community of schools.

We are extremely grateful for the feedback you provided to help us shape this offer and we look forward to working with you in our mutually supportive partnership.

Membership Fee: £2,800

BSP Partnership Agreement Brochure 2324_edited.jpg

3 x Full Day Bespoke SIS Support

We want school leaders to decide how they want to use these days at no additional charge. Schools are able to book in additional days if they feel they want more than 3 days. (£620 – per additional day)*.

Termly Headteacher Seminars

To be delivered face to face where possible, (themes will be determined by Headteachers. We will also ensure that leaders are made aware of recent updates and changes) at no additional charge. (£350 per seminar for non-members – rate for ‘face to face seminar’)*.

Termly DHT/AHT Seminars

Two to be delivered via face to face and one via Zoom, at no additional charge. (£350 per seminar for non-members – rate for face to face seminar)*.

Termly Briefing, Networking/CPD for Subject Leaders

for Assessment, EYFS,  Computing, English, Maths, Science, Geography, History MFL to be delivered face to face and via Zoom, at no additional charge (£250 per seminar for non-members)*.

Headteachers Annual Conference

at no additional charge (£580 per participate for non-members)*.

Working with the Teaching School Hub

We will be signposting CPD which schools can access at no additional charge.

Peer Review Training and Participation

(Headteacher plus one Deputy). Choose to be fully trained in Peer Review. Join a triad to participate, share resources and benefit from peer review at at no additional charge. (£720 per day for non-members)*.

Leading from the Top: Driving Change with an Anti-racist Approach

An opportunity for you and one of your senior team to be part of a movement across Brent to make lasting changes that ensure our school settings are inclusive and equitable spaces for all to support excellence for Black Caribbean students, at no additional charge.

Termly virtual sessions for School Leaders and Governors

providing updates on National Policy Development affecting schools, at no additional charge (£150 per seminar for non-members)*.

Termly Briefing, Networking/CPD for Governors

To be delivered via Zoom at no additional charge (£150 per seminar for non-members)*.

SEND Termly Seminar

in liaising with our member special schools and the BSAT at no additional charge (£350 per participant for non-members)*.

Bespoke Networking and Support for Leaders

Brand new to the BSP, mapping provision tailored specifically to leadership development, designed to foster enhanced collaboration and support among schools

BSP Partnership Agreement Brochure 2324_edited.jpg

As a member of the BSP, you will also be able to participant in a School Visit Programme we are putting together this year. The intention is to design a programme that will provide an opportunity for Learning visits to take place in host schools. We are hoping to keep this at no additional charge. However, this programme will be dependant on availability and local context.

Other bespoke courses or conferences not included here that arise throughout the year will be charged at a minimal cost for our members. For example: Preparing for the Ofsted Phone Call or Monitoring Made Meaningful. These events will be advertised as ‘chargeable events’ which will include the cost in it’s advertising.

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